This is the official page about the legendary JSA STAGERS TEAM.

It was a great and living organism – It was the school of life and formation of the person. We employed people of different ages, social classes, educational levels and different nationalities, from different cities and countries. We were the first in Russia and Ukraine, who have created profession by installers for stage constructions and more.

Our specialists had been able to do so much more than any simple scaffolder. They were real masters of victories under the projects of any complexity and in any place. JSA has trained staff by professional skills and has conducted training on safety.

JSA as she could, took care of the team, there were difficult moments in the payment of salaries, but in the end everything was solved positively. We first, who began to feed on-site staff at the expense of the company. We had put staff of branded clothing and supplied professional tools.

During the activity of JSA the stager team was a different number of employees, which or decreased, or increased. The staff lived his interesting life, with their problems and concerns, joys and successes, legends and funny stories. For the basic members of team work in JSA was the pride and prestige. At this flexible and sophisticated team was the reputable “Daddy” Maxim Sorokin. He always cared about the people and about the quality productions of the company.

JSA regrets that  the company closed its operations in Russia and we can not continue. Many thanks to all former members of the JSA Stager Team for our cooperation!

Here we will post some photos and information, but it has limitations.Therefore we opened an unofficial page in FaceBook for to the possibility of a broader and informal communication. We are looking forward to your activity and welcome to Facebook JSA Stagers Team