We will construct your show again!!!

JSA was founded in 1996 in Moscow as the first professional staging company after USSR collapse. The company had a great success on market and had a great influence on the development of the industry of live music and events.

Alexander Strizhak founder and owner of JSA Staging Company officially notifies:

“The company has ceased activities in Russia from the spring 2014 for political reasons: a strong pressure on dissidents inside the country, the atmosphere of “new KGB”, false information from the Russian media and also we are disagree with the military aggression against Ukraine and occupation of a part of territory this country. This is my personal opinion and choice, and it may not necessarily reflect the views of every employees from JSA”.

Unfortunately, we had to close the office in Moscow, leave the warehouse equipment and stage constructions. But very sad was lay off staff. JSA express my great gratitude to employees of company for many years of joint labor and for yours contribution to development of company . We thank business partners of cooperation in the implementation of projects and your help. And also a big thank you to customers for their trust and choice in our favor. These were unforgettable years of joint creativity and unique activities on the market of live music and events sector.

We will need take some time to become in full growth on the new place, as it was before.

New JSA is happy to continue cooperation with old contacts and will be glad to open relationships with new partners and customers.

Our new location – Europe, Latvia, Riga, Valguma iela 4A – 2, office – JSA EUROPE

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Office phones: + 371 66 10 48 48  /  +371 22 66 48 48

E-mail: welcome@jsa-stage.ru


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