JSA has been an innovator in the application of new technologies and advanced designs for stages and other structures. We did not only their setting, but promoted to the market with the help of the sales department also.

The creation of a modern staging in Russia was the mission of the company. Our idea was timely and gave a big upturn in the industry, there were new opportunities for production projects, sone new companies were opened, new jobs appeared, the quality and scale of settings and installations improved.

For more effective work in this direction the company began participating in various exhibitions – the entertainment industry and the construction industry. Sometimes we helped to the organizers of different exhibitions on a barter basis. Installing podiums and trusses for it by free and in some cases we set our booth.

But the important event was the participation on the exhibition Music Moscow as the main trade fair of live music industry in Russia. JSA started in 2004 and stayed a partner of the exhibition for ten years (2014 ProLight + Sound bought MM). In 2007 and 2008 we were participants in the Music Fair in Kiev, as the main exhibition in live music market of Ukraine.

The exhibition booth of JSA was very popular always and we always had a lot of visitors. We actively promoted equipments of Layher, Prolyte, Prolyft and Doughty and promotion services JSA Staging was an additional option. We were the pioneers, who created and designed the great idea for best sales – The Shop of Stage Constructions. But the main goods at our booth was the festive and friendly atmosphere and a good mood (lots of smiles and drinks).

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In the October 13-15, 2005 was the first presentation of JSA at an exhibition Music Moscow. We have installed the main booth by original constructions in one of the best places in the Hall № 4.1. It was an “explosion” of aluminum at the main entrance and the great “first night” Prolyte Products in Russia. Which has been successful for three days and made the start of the era of Prolyte on the local market and beyond.

In the hall number 11, JSA has installed a second stand for the presentation products of Layher for staging. That also was a success and it was the first presentation of Layher on the exhibition Music-Moscow.

At the presentation of the first aluminum perfomance at the main russian exhibition in industry came the big (“high”) team of Prolyte. Fokko Smeding owner of the company, sales director – Paul-Erik Haseloop, manager of sales in Eastern Europe – Henry Schuil, chief engineer – Marc Hendriks.

Company JSA has done a great job of promoting products of Prolyte in the Russian market during the period 2004-2005. In the result of this JSA make more sales, and became the best Prolyte distributor in season 2005.

Fokko Smeding presented to Alexander Strizhak (president of company) Award – the JSA Best Distributor,  on the booth of exhibition in the presence of the company’s employees, partners, clients and friends. And after it  all participants had a good “drinking” party.

On the Music-Moscow 2005 Company JSA second year was a strategic partner of the exhibition and helped to the organizers in its promotion. For us it was important to raise the level of technical support live events in Russia. We talked a lot with Andrei Bolshakov (managing director of exhibitions) about these topics and we had looking for new ways to promote development through the exhibition as a good tool.

Visit the team Prolyte on MM-2005, as a company with a worldwide reputation was an important moment for the history of exhibition. Andrei Bolshakov personally visited the booth JSA and handed Fokko Smeding diploma exhibitor. This coincided with the birthday of Andrey (14.09), and this day was a pleasant and festive for everyone. It also facilitated attraction of interest among the visitors to the booth of JSA and promotion Prolyte to the market of stage constructions.

Additional events:

The year 2005 was very successful for us, JSA did a great job and a lot of interesting projects. And that led us to the success and well-deserved recognition of the professional community industry. The organizing committee of the exhibition Music Moscow, presented the award JSA, as the Best Staging Company of the year.

Interest to the JSA booth was big and it was visited by many of the key persons of the market. An additional attraction is called the daily presence of the team members Prolyte on exhibition.

In one of days JSA and Prolyte did a great presentation of the plant’s production (trusses, roof systems, stage-dex and new product – chain-hoists Prolyft). It was an event in the conference hall of the exhibition. There were experts from different companies and a lot of journalists from specialized press. It was a good job Alexei Kotelnikov – PR Manager of JSA.

A notable person was Nikolay Zinovenko from LIGHTMASTER, who did attention to arrival of honored guests from The Netherlands and he as a friend JSA has visited our booth.

Nikolai Konovalov owner of Rock Stage as one of the major sellers of Chain Master in Russia showed interest in winch Prolyft as new competitive products on the market.

Also on display come friends of the company JSA – Gints Guks and Arnis Grīnbergs the company PRO-1 from Riga (Latvia) specifically for support us (PRO-1 was the official distributor of Prolyte in Baltic States).

There were many other visitors, but unfortunately we have not photos about this.