Сцены, сооружения и инсталляции для шоу от JSA

JSA became the first professional staging company in Russia and the post-Soviet territory (*). In 1997, the company bought a large set elements  productions Layher and other structures for live events of great celebration of the 850th anniversary of Moscow. There was a lot of different concerts and events in the open space and the main was the mega-show of Jean-Michel Jarre “Oxygen in Moscow” (3.5 million viewers). At that time there was a shortage of stage constructions on the market, but there was a lot of orders. In addition, there wasn’t  any specialized company for installation of temporary stages and structures for events and live music shows in Russia.

During this marathon was created the basic concept of the business and system rules of industrial relations. The company staffed managers, stagers team, warehouse staff. Later it became the main direction in business for the company.

In 1998 the company was transformed into the first professional staging company. In 1999 it was established a partnership with the plant manufacturer Layher, and in 2003 established a partnership with the company Prolyte Products.

In addition, the company became the first one, who  applied actively in the activities of temporary safety barriers and fences and special awning structures and professional temporary bleachers. JSA constantly developed  this area and dominate on the market as an innovative company in the installation of various designs.

JSA was the first ohe, who began conducting of regular trainings for staff training on technology and security (including first rigging trainings in Russia). The company gave the training and practice for more than 1,000 people during its activites in Russia. These specialists are working  in all major industry companies now.