Исторические моменты JSA

Since the foundation of JSA the company started its activities as a service company for the management of technical support of concerts and events. It was a small office, and the company did not had its own warehouse with equipment.

In May 1997, the company made the first big staging in St. Petersburg for the Day of the City and get recognition as a new strong player in the market.

And already in August-September 1997, the company took an active part in a grand celebration of the 850th anniversary of Moscow. JSA had a lot of orders to stage designs.

For the full realization of all projects and increase its capacity to provide services, the company buys the first big stage set constructions from German company Layher. Thus the company had become the owner of the largest warehouse-quality professional stage equipment in Russia and the post-Soviet area.

JSA was the main local technical contractor for the great show of Jean Michel Jarre “Oxygen in Moscow” on Vorobyovy Hills in September 7, 1997. The show audience numbered  3,500,000. The company hired to work more than 600 people specially for this event. And get more experience on a large mass Open-Air.

In the autumn 1997, the company formed a stagers team and prepared for the establishment new service style on this market segment and took the leadership in it.

In June 1998, the company bought Russia’s first big roof (Layher cassette system) and set it in the heart of the capital in the Kremlin Cathedral Square for a charity show with Montserrat Caballe. It was the first staging for a big concert at this place, after the collapse of the Soviet Empire.

In August 1998 JSA was the local supporting production company for the concert of The Rolling Stones – Bridges to Babylon (World Tour). JSA had drawn to the work about 400 people of staff.

In autumn 1998, the company opened a representative office in St. Petersburg.

In summer 1999 JSA became the official dealer of products from Layher plant in Russia. The company opened a sales office of stage equipment and promotion Layher scaffolding on the Russian market.

In autumn and winter 1998 – 1999 JSA had the first experiments by working with the Stars as a local production company: Brian May, Status Quo, Ronnie James DIO, Whitesnake, KISS, and others.

There was the first big show at the Manege Square in Moscow, “Last call – Millennium” in the end of May 1999  (more than 100,000 spectators).

In August 1999 was the presentation of the MTV channel in Russia. The big event on Vasilyevsky Spusk of Red Square – MTV Party. Head-liner Red Hot Chili Peppers (more than 300,000 spectators)


In January 2000, JSA opened a concert agency. The first step was a Deep Purple concert on April 9 at the Sports Palace Luzhniki (capacity – 10,000).

In July 18 –  stage and production for a charity concert with Placido Domingo Svetlanov Symphony Orchestra at Red Square (15 000 spectators seats)

In September 9 – staging and designs for a great show-presentation of the movie “Brother 2 – live” with a set of popular Russian rock stars (15 000 spectators).

November 7 –  JSA Agency presented a concert of Roxette – Room Service Tour (Moscow,  Olympiysky Stadium / 12,000 spectators)


May 26 – Support for the organization and staging of the festival stunt Prometheus.  There was the first performance of Guano Apes in Russia presented  on the big stage of JSA  – about 90 000 spectators

August 4-5 – staging for the first outdoors version by rock-fest Nashestvie.

August 01 –   JSA Agency presented the first show of Alice Cooper in Russia (12 000 spectators)

September 22 – JSA presented the first concert of MUSE in Russia for the presentation of the famous British magazine New Musical Express.

November 7-  JSA Agency presented a concert of Roxette – Room Service Tour (Moscow, Olympiysky Stadium / 12,000 spectators)

November 21 – JSA was the local production company and staging for the first show Rammstein in Russia.


April 14 – the Agency presented the first performance of legendary Blackmore’s Night in Russia (Luzhniki arena / 10,000 spectators).

May 25 – JSA organized its own open-air festival – Rock-Zone Ultra with German rock band Low, Reinvented, H-Bloxx and headliner – Guano Apes (Moscow airfield Tushino, 15,000 spectators)

July 7 – the first staging and infrastructure set for the rock festival KRYLIA (Wings) at Tushino airfield.

July 19  – staging for the Rammstein show  in St. Petersburg at Petrovsky Stadium.

August 10-11 – staging for the second open-air  rock festival “Nashestvie”

September 21 – JSA installed the first temporary ramp (Layher constructions) in Russia for show and demonstration competition – Nokia Totally Board!

October 27 – JSA made the production of the concert on the island of Corfu (Greece). The first experience departure of Russian company with the full set of technical equipment abroad.

November 5 – JSA Agency presented the second show of Alice Cooper in Moscow (Luzhniki arena / 10 000 spectators).

November 21 – JSA was the local production company and staging for the first show of Ramstein in Russia.


To be continue……