At the start of activities, JSA has taken a lot of experience with Western Stars as the first professional production company in Russia. That was the big show of Jean Michel Jarre, concerts of the Rolling Stones, Ronnie James Dio, Status Quo, Whitesnake, Brian May, Kiss, etc.

And in 2000 JSA founded the Concert Agency for new business direction. It was dynamic promotions and a good opportunity to create additional projects for staging (because in August 1998 there came the Defaulted in Russia and therefore the economic crisis made low level of business activity). Such a step in show-biz was unusual for the staging company, but this contributed to the increase in activity in the market and created a competitive environment.

JSA Concert Agency had great success. It allowed JSA to take extra options in business and climb to the leadership position. Live shows as promo actions had helped the formation of the brand. The logo and the name of the company became quickly recognizable by clients and popular in media.

In September 06, 2003 JSA Agency performed the mega-events with rock music and symphonic orchestra on Red Square in Moscow including great light and piro show. One of the sponsors was Yukos. There was a beginning of pressure from the Putin’s regime on the independent Oil Giant at that time. In the preparation for the show we had several serious problems on the part of officials of the Municipality and sabotage of promo informations from some major media. Also, the employees of militia informally blocked the approaches to the mobile tickets-office near the square before the starting of this performance. Those actions had resulted in a bad financial situation after the event. But that did not stop the success – nice music, a lot of lighting effects, pyrotechnics, happy viewers and big beautiful fireworks in the final.

In January 2004, the department was closed due to the fact that many companies came to the market and their activity in this direction made not relevant this case for us.

During the period of existence, JSA Concert Agency made:

Subsequently, the experience of productions turnkey of concerts gave great importance and helped the company to do the main work more efficiently. We had known all the details of production and talked with customers and contractors at one and the same professional language. In addition, the company was able to become a co-promoter and production of the projects as partnership of the other promoters. We were deciding administrative and all the technical, security, promotional issues and infrastructure on the areas. With our participation and support were the concerts:

Prodigy, George Michael, Roger Waters, Joe Cocker, Shakira, Placebo, Bloodhound Gang and etc.

More information about the events and live concerts can be found here