JSA – Stage & Show Production Company

The opening of the company marked the beginning of a new, unknown in Russia after Soviet times, direction in the show- business, which is the professional management of administrative and technical support of cultural events and concerts. In English this term sounds like “managements of technical productions” or simply “Production”.

From that time as JSA introduced this term into the Russian entertainment industry – its started being used by specialists from other companies. At that moment JSA discovered a new free direction in Russian show-business, and it became for JSA the main step of the road in our professional life. We made it as independent direction of business. It was a kind of ‘know-how’ for the forming “young” industry in Russia.

By keeping a constant search of our identity, we confidently promoted and developed the ideology of our business and gradually many other technical companies started trying to lend their hand in this field. And now it is a usual position for all major companies, but still each one interprets the provision of the service in its sole discretion. Though we managed to create and introduce into common use the general rules of this business, relying on foreign standards and personal experience.

In 1997 JSA bought the first big set of professional stage constructions for a huge celebration of 850-anniversary of Moscow, when there was a lot of outdoor performances in different locations. This was the beginning of business for JSA like Staging Company. In that time other Russian companies made humble attempts to install mobile stages, but they were one-off and unsystematic. We’ve started a new era in this direction, considering that fact that there was nobody inland, who could teach us what and how to do, because nobody really had such experience, and we had to do everything by ourselves. We could not also take the experience of west counties, because they were too far as geographically as by their mode of life.  We were able to take practice only when world-famous artists visited Russia, especially if it was show on outdoor, but it was very rare at that time. JSA created the basis of this business and production relations in assembling of temporary stages for various shows, events and projects. Today it has become a norm in Staging and daily practice with the rules established by JSA in the beginning and which was developed over the many years by JSA staff.

Why we did it then? That was important and prestigious for us to start up our own new business. Our actions were rapid and correct in this direction, already after two years we added to the name of JSA additional definition – “the professional staging company”. And we have achieved this by successfully combining two kinds of services, which complement each other well. The stage, being the basis of any show, arrives the first and leaves the last from the area. Having professional development, team working, new technologies and learning from other companies a priority, we were able to take your rightful place among the major players in the domestic show-business and we had a profound influence on its formation and development.

We have created new professions for the entertainment industry such as Production manager, who is in charge of administrative and technical issues in preparation and production of stage projects;  Stage manager, who is engaged in engineering and organisational issues of stage construction works; Scaffolder specialist, who assembles and installs steel and aluminium structures, for stages, tents and do other job;  Stagehands, who are usually skilled in multiple disciplines, including rigging, carpentry, stage electrics, stage lighting, audio/projection, and props. Stagehands are often responsible for operating of the systems during the shows or taping and also for the repair and maintenance of the equipment. Most stagehands have general knowledges of all the phases of production, but tend to develop specialties and focus on specific areas.

We had a great influence on the formation of such very important profession as – Rigger, who engage in installation of lifting equipment for sound, light and video equipment, decorations and structural components for stage. There were not such professions neither in Russia nor in Ukraine before us. We had to create them from scratch, by forming the rules of relationship, acquiring skills and sometimes making mistakes. And those efforts were not wasted – the company trained almost all significant participants on the market, which are known now but they are from our past. Constantly we did team-building and culture of innovative atmosphere and this gave us impressive achievements in business. Our trained and experienced specialists, who work now in similar companies, their basic and ‘golden’ personnel, and always was hunt for them.


Being pioneers in this business we were able to achieve success, we had to think carefully about the smallest details of production technology and logistics operations, and we changed this business from amateur to professional. We paid great attention to the training of specialists and introduced accident prevention measures, set up the rules of conduct and quality standards.

After developing and improving inside, we started strengthening our influence on the market by expanding our activities. To this end, we created the department for organisation and holding concerts of western stars (from 2000 till 2003). During that time, we organised concerts in Moscow of such stars as Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Muse, Roxette, Modern Talking, Ritchie Blackmore, Ken Hensley, Guano Apes, Pet Shop boys, Scooter, Bomfunk MC’s and Yann Tiersen. And the most important event in that period – we did the mega show at the Red Square on Moscow City Day with the concerts of Scorpions, Thomas Anders and the Presidential Orchestra of the Russian Federation. We invited the famous light-designer Gert Hof as a director of that show.

All this gave us a vast experience and skills to produce turn-key of projects, that can’t be acquired by working solely as a technical contractor. We’ve learned all the details of this complicated work, which allowed us to understand better the challenges and problems of the customers and the organisers of any show-projects. Thanks to our good name and flexibility in cooperation with clients and partners we expanded our activities geographically – to Ukraine, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, Holland, Guatemala, Kenigsberg Region, Georgia and Kazakhstan. JSA was the first company who had opened its branch office in St.Petersburg (since 1998), establish company in Ukraine (since 2006) and offices in Europe (Riga / Latvia since 2003). JSA took part in organization of big festivals such as “Nashestvie”, “Krylya (Wings)”, “Creation of the World”, “Alye Parusa (Scarlet Sails)”, “Rock on the Volga”, “Picnic Afisha”, “Maxidrom”, Moscow International Film Festival, Kinotavr, Russian Fashion Week, Events Awards – “The Song of the Year”, MTV – Russian Music Awards, Teffi, Nika and etc.

Being a supporter of the continuous business development JSA company took part in the main event of the industry – exhibition “Music-Moscow” in 2004. From that we became the constant technical partner of this main show. As exclusive partners we have promoted advanced technologies on the market  in Russia and in Ukraine – Wilhelm Layher GMBh (Germany) since 1999, and Prolyte Product Group (Netherlands) since 2003, Doughty (UK) since 2005.

We did a revolutionary impact on the development and formation of the philosophy for staging and usage other structures in the industry of entertainment in Russia, Ukraine, CIS countries and Baltic countries. Owing to our approach to quality of work and service provision we participated in all major and significant projects with world stars, thereby creating strong ties with the Worldwide entertainment industry, JSA established a lot of business relationships and professional contacts.

On our stages seted the shows by world stars such as Roger Waters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elton John, Joe Cocker, Kiss, Rammstein, Prodigy, Montserrat Caballe, Placido Domingo, Andrio Bocelli, Pet Shop Boys, Muse, Brian May, Metallica, Deep Purple, Nazareth, Status Quo, The Rasmus, Whitesnake, Iggy Pop, Placebo, Manu Chao, Riky Martin, George Michael, Kraftwerk, Scorpions, Shakira, The Black Eyed Peas, Korn, HIM and etc.